Welcome to my blog detailing my groundhopping exploits. My aim is to visit all football grounds in England (Premier league to the 8th tier) Scotland (SPL to 3rd Division) and the Welsh premier league I may also add grounds from other sports or countries. I hope you enjoy reading.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Welcome all to my first blog detailing my groundhopping. firstly I will give you some background knowledge into who I am and why I do what I do.

My name is Matt Fisher and I am 23 years old from Cambridge, I am a sports fan simple as that I will watch and participate in pretty much any sport I can. My main two sports though are the beautiful game of Football and the gentlemans game of cricket. I play both for local villages, Football for Waterbeach mainly the Reserve team in the Cambridgeshire County League and am captain for Willingham CC also in the Cambs League so my Saturdays throughout the year are quite full.

So why groundhopping? a question many people ask me when I mention that I do this. Well firstly I was a football referee up until 3 seasons ago. I was a level 3 and therefore running the line in the Blue Square Bet Premier Division and refereeing anything from Eastern Counties League Football up to the Conference North and South. After becoming disillusioned with the way the FA was being run and having a life that was becoming increasingly busier I decided to hang up the whistle and start playing again where all I had to do was turn up on a saturday and not worry about it for the rest of the week, unlike refereeing which even at that level is almost like having another full time job.

I also realised that one of the most enjoyable parts of refereeing was the visiting of new grounds and stadiums and therefore once I gave up refereeing I decided groundhopping was for me.

I go to all my games with my Dad and on the odd occasion my Brother and on even less occasions my wife and Mum may tag along, so far only once maybe some time before this happens again. I try to go to at least one game a month maybe more if possible.

As you will be able to see I have listed all the football grounds that I have currently been to on the tab above most were during my time as a referee. I hope that you will enjoy future posts and will follow my exploits around the country.

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